Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in the Solomon Islands Project (SECSIP)​


The project focuses its support on the strengthening of the Electoral Management Body by providing technical and legal advice on the electoral legal framework, procedural, logistical and on overall operational capacities for the preparation of the voter registration and electoral events, under the mandate of the Electoral Commission.

The project also provides technical assistance to enhance voter awareness and to ensure wide participation and outreach through the implementation of activities involving voters, candidates, political parties, media and civil society.

Particular efforts are dedicated to the advocacy for women’s political participation both as voters and candidates.


COVID-19 updates

The declaration of State of Emergency by the authorities of Solomon Islands due to the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the delay for the call of the by-elections initially planned to take place in June 2020.

The measures relating to the closing of borders and social restrictions have required that some planned activities involving in-country missions and group gatherings to be revised and other to be prioritized.

By-elections preparatory assistance to the Electoral Office with particular focus on the revision of voter education materials to take into account COVID-19 measures is on-going.

SECSIP continues to support women’s leadership prioritizing the review of profiles emerged out of the Outstanding Women initiative and the planning for its next phase; radio programmes promoting women’s leadership are in progress which include one of them featuring interviews with the three women Member of Parliament.

SECSIP also engaged an evaluator with previous experience in the Pacific to conduct the final project evaluation remotely.

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Final voter turnout was 86.41% in 2019 NGE held on 3 April


SI has now 3 women MPs which has never happened before in its history


Women Candidate (7.8%) contested in 2019 NGE

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of the estimated eligible voters registered, thanks to the introduction of the new BVR


constituencies of SI benefited from face to face voter awareness activities by 15civil society organisations


How to Vote in Solomon Islands

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National women’s leadership workshop (portraits)
Biometric Voter Registration (BVR)

Where we work

Our objectives

  1. Develop synergies and strategic partnerships with a range of national stakeholders from government and civil society to ensure an enabling environment for credible and inclusive elections.
  2. Strengthen the link between the electoral cycle and other key governance processes and institutions, and contribute to social cohesion and the development of a pluralistic society.