Project data

Project staff


Duration phase I

2013 - 2017

Duration phase II

2017 - 2020

Sources of funding

European Union: US$ 2,023,623
Government of Australia: AU$ 3,000,000
+ US$ 232,664 (Australia-balance Phase 1)
UNDP: US$ 500,000


Capacity development
Voter registration
Electoral reform
Civic engagement
Voter awareness
Women's political participation/gender mainstreaming


Partners for voter education in eight provinces and Honiara city.

  1. Destiny Glocal,
  2. Friends of the City (FOC),
  3. Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women (GPCW),
  4. Hearts of Hope (HOH),
  5. Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI),
  6. Melanesian Board of Mission,
  7. National Council of Women (NCW),
  8. Ngella Forum Trust Board (NFTB),
  9. Nuo Theatre Trust Board (NTTB),
  10. SIALC,
  11. Stages of Change (SOC),
  12. Tawatana Community Conservation and Development Association (TCCDA),
  13. Tefilla Marketing Enterprise Development
  14. Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI),
  15. Village Technology Trust.

Our main objective

The project aims to develop synergies and strategic partnerships with a range of national stakeholders from government and civil society to ensure an enabling environment for credible and inclusive elections.

The overarching objective is to strengthen the link between the electoral cycle and other key governance processes and institutions, and contribute to social cohesion and the development of a pluralistic society.

What we do

Contribute to UNDP country programme particularly on outcomes 2 and 4 (citizen expectations for voice, development, the rule of law and accountability are met by stronger systems of democratic governance; faster progress is achieved in reducing gender inequality and promoting women’s empowerment) by

  1. Enhancing the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) capacity to fulfil its mandate through active support on operations, voter awareness and improved procedures;
  2. Providing support to electoral and legal reform contributing to stronger institutions of representative democracy;
  3. Supporting the voter registration process with country-wide voter awareness campaign using innovative communication channels;
  4. Building partnership and capacity of civil society organisations to educate the population with new civic and voter education tools;
  5. Increasing support to promote women’s political participation and active support to female candidates.

Who we are


Olga Rabade

Chief technical advisor & project manager

Pisoth Ving

(October 2017 – October 2019) Project coordination specialist

Mokther Hossain

M&E reporting officer

Hazel Yeo

Project officer (finance and administration)

Crystal Saelea

Procurement officer

John Raymond

Driver & logistics assistant

Florrie Alalo

Project Coordinator & CSO adviser

Afu Billy

Women's Political Participation Adviser


A total of 10 graduates were engaged by SECSIP (7 worked with theElectoral Office and 3 withPolitical Parties Commission) in support of human resources capacity constraints.

SECSIP launched thisGraduate Programme in June 2018 which was progressively phased out in December 2019.

As part of the sustainability approach of this action and as envisaged in the Terms of Reference, out of the 7 graduates working for the Electoral Office, one female graduate has been directly engaged by the Office for a Senior Management post as Deputy Director Operations and a second graduate has been engaged by the Ministry of Police, National Security & Correctional Services as Senior Accountant.

Additionally, out of the 3 graduates working for the PPC, 2 of them have also been recruited by the Prosecutor Services and a third graduate has been awarded an international scholarship to further her university studies in New Zealand

OrganisationPosition of GraduatesNumber of Person
SIECHuman Resources Assistant1
SIECLogistics Assistant1
SIECIT Assistant1
SIECVoter Awareness Assistant2
PPCResearch Assistant1
PPCTraining Assistant1
PPCLegal Assistant1
SIECField Coordination2


Carlos Valenzuela

Election senior adviser
Aug 2016-May 2019

Muammer Mrahorovic

Elections operations specialist
June 2018-April 2019

Philippa Neave

Voter awareness specialist

Ednal Palmer

Media & communication
July 2017-June 2019

Florrie Alalo

Civil society coordination manager

Afu Billy

Women's political participation adviser


SECSIP focal point

Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in the Solomon Islands Project II (SECSIP II)
United Nations Development Programme
Office of Solomon Islands Electoral Commission
Vavaya Ridge, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Phone: +677 20145
Cell: +677 7575 576